Types of Posts

Commentary: Thoughts and opinions from Georgia Guardsmen on various topics. Sometimes contentious, often provoking, these can be a chance to share or air intriguing opinions.

Observations: Observations from the front lines by Airmen and Soldiers serving around the world and right here in the States, providing a good chance to learn vicariously what is demanded of us as leaders in the modern National Guard.

Papers: Professional articles and papers written by Georgia Guardsmen. Whether written at the War College or Squadron Officer College, or published in professional journals, these pieces reflect the thinking and research of our leaders.

If you have some commentary, observations, or papers you would like to share with The Professional Guardsman, please submit your proposed content to gaguardpao(at)gmail.com for consideration. 

For published Georgia Department of Defense speeches – or for tips on composing your own speech – check out our “Speaker’s Bureau.”