Thursday, June 7, 2012

48th BSTB takes on officer professional development

By Lt. Col. John “Opie” Davis
Commander, 48th Brigade Special Troops Battalion
June 4, 2012

As Commander of the 48th Brigade Special Troops Battalion Commander, I, along with Command Sergeant Major Roy Marchert, recently conducted an internal Officer Professional Development session at Clay National Guard Center. The intent was to educate, mentor, coach, and develop Company Commanders and Battalion Staff on how the State Headquarters interacts with major commands (MACOMs) and National Guard Bureau.

The session supplements the training company commanders receive when taking command, and provides interaction with each of the designated personnel: G-1 and State Education officer, G-3, G-4, G-5, G-8, USPFO, Warehouse, CFMO, Recruiting and Retention, Maj. Gen. Butterworth (Georgia's Adjutant General), Maj. Gen. Moore (Georgia Air National Guard Commander) and Brig. Gen. Jarrard (Assistant Adjutant General - Georgia Army National Guard).

This unique officer professional development gave the 48th BSTB company commanders and battalion staff the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the Georgia Army National Guard interacts with MACOMs and NGB, and works to prepare and train the Soldiers and Airmen of the state of Georgia.

We chose this OPD to better prepare our officers, and position the 48th BSTB for success by equipping them with the knowledge and implementation of the overall strategy. Most importantly, we are developing company-grade officers two levels up, and helping them to better understand the overall mission of the Georgia Army Guard.

While it may not be possible for Commanders at all levels to conduct this kind of visit, I encourage you to commit the time and resources to make it possible at the level you can (perhaps at the MACOM level). The relationship building and the professional development, as well as the chance to build the team by spending time together, is well worth the effort.

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