Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Setting leadership priorities for the Georgia Department of Defense

By Maj. Gen. Jim Butterworth
Adjutant General, Georgia National Guard
Feb. 14, 2012

As the Adjutant General of Georgia, I am the personal representative of the 15,000 men, women and families serving in the Ga. DoD. I am responsible for ensuring that we are fully prepared mentally, physically, and logistically, for the fight. Whether we are called to defend the homeland or support the war fight, I commit that I will continue to ensure this organization’s ability to win on every front. That commitment will not fade.

I am also responsible for advising the Governor, our Commander in Chief, on all military matters. Among these issues is defense support to civil authorities and the use of the National Guard in supporting “all hazards” impacting the state of Georgia. I will develop and deliver that advice with the assistance of our senior leaders and the Joint Staff. I will deliver that advice in private as well as in a transparent, public manner whenever requested by Georgia’s Commander-in-Chief.

The intent of this letter is to provide guidance for, and direction to, the Georgia Department of Defense. One of my many goals is to achieve unity of effort. Through this letter, I will begin communicating the organizational and personal priorities for the command. I do not intend to set goals or objectives with this document. The intent is to deliver, in broad terms, my expectations of the organization.

The Ga. DoD mission is the same as it has always been: to provide ready and relevant military forces to the Combatant Commanders; and with the consent of the Governor, provide command, control and capabilities to support Homeland Defense and Defense Support to Civil Authorities.

I envision the organization remaining a strong and growing joint military organization, recognized as a leader in strength, readiness, and innovation; an interagency partner and leader; postured for effective response; chosen for new missions and force structure, that provides opportunities for members who live the Ga. DoD values to realize their potential through service to the State and Nation.

Our organizational values fall in line with those of our parent military and civil organizations: integrity first, service before self, initiative, teamwork, and continuous improvement.

Defending the homeland remains job one. We must execute this by being ready to respond to any contingency across the entire “All Hazards Spectrum.” Supporting the war fight is also an organizational priority. The War on Terror continues to be a generational fight and will continue to be a worldwide battle space, to include our homeland. We must ensure that all Army and Air Force units, and their processes, are fully developed and prepared to support the National Defense Strategy.

However, current and new asymmetrical threats will continue to call for a transformation of war fighters, systems and strategies. Our active duty customers continually adapt to the ever changing 21st century battlefield. We will continue to assess our operations and transform with these paradigm shifts in order to sustain and improve our products.

Using this philosophy we WILL remain relevant to the force.

My personal priorities for the Ga. DoD aim at keeping the organization a healthy and productive place to work.

Our Airmen, Soldiers, civilians and their families are our number one resource. Their protection and well-being is my top priority. I will remain steadfast in my commitment to take care of all issues affecting our Airmen, Soldiers, civilian employees and their families as well as employers of our Guard family. We will help them realize their full potential and ensure our Members are an integral part of our organization from the first day of enlistment through their years in retirement. Personal and family readiness is vital to the overall readiness of our organization.

I will remain focused on organizational governance issues. We will address the need for a responsible, informed and accountable body which will protect the interest of our stakeholders by promoting legal and ethical behavior, assessing risk against the organization, and addressing public concern. I will lead a transparent organization that upholds the Air and Army Values ensuring everything we do will be in the confines of what is legal, ethical, just and moral.

The Georgia National Guard has served our nation and state with distinction since the founding of our colony in 1733. Our service includes both wartime and peacetime missions. Our Guardsmen continue to lead the way today in service not only overseas but on the home front as well. While our organization has a strong public image, we must continue to tell our story in our strategic communication with our communities, in our business transactions across the state, and also with our local, state and federal officials. I am committed to telling the incredible story of the faithful and tireless service our members provide to our state and nation.

We must be involved in our communities and take steps to improve our community ties with our employers, extended families and our community leaders. We build strength and support from them to remain relevant. We must continue to demonstrate our value to them as one of our priority stakeholders. I will use my position to positively affect our communities and the economy of our state.

Success in today’s operating environment demands that we continue to adapt to the way we think and do business. While staying focused on customer expectations and demands, I will encourage the organization to “Think Outside the Box” in our business processes and direction. We will create an environment that encourages innovation and resourcefulness in our daily operations. We will always strive to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively.

I am proud and honored to serve as your Adjutant General.

You have built an organization that is highly respected by our communities, our families, our customers, and our state and national leaders. As we journey into the future, we will meet many obstacles and will face many challenges. If we stay true to our values and stay focused on the priorities I have established, I believe we can accomplish all that is expected of us and sustain the legacy established by those who have served before us.

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