Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Realizing the three tenets of Strength Maintenance by focusing on two

By Col. Peter VanAmburgh,
Georgia Army National Guard Chief of Staff
September 22, 2004

The GAARNG has significantly improved its end-strength over the last eight years growing from 8700 to our current authorized strength of 11,100. This increase was the result of changes to our state's strength management philosophy, a transformation of the recruiting and retention force, and re-stationing of units to capitalize on demographics and spread capabilities across the state.

The below document outlines the theory-research-application, and implication of focusing the Recruiting and Retention force on quality accessions and orienting them through the Recruit Sustainment Program while leaving retention duties on the chain of command. This model, to include the recruit sustainment program, was replicated nationally. The philosophy, coupled with the GA Recruiting and Retention Battalion 3-Year Strategic Transformation Plan, have been credited with significantly influencing the entire ARNG's direction and subsequent turn-around from end-strength decline to growth.

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