Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Keeping up to Speed on Current Events

By Maj. Tony Poole
Strategic Plans Officer
July 27, 2011

As leaders with too little time to accomplish everything we need to do, sometimes shortcuts can make a real difference in our daily routine. For my part, I know I need to keep up with major world events that could have impact on National Security - and having a little third-party analysis can be useful, too.

Civilian analyst agencies sometimes get this right based on open-source intelligence - but it can be pretty expensive. Sometimes we can get that service for free. One example is that provided by Kforce Government Solutions, Inc.

It's not perfect, and the analysis is somewhat hit-or-miss. But for Commanders and staff in a hurry, it works pretty well. Note that this is not a commercial endorsement - just something I find useful in my own daily routine as an interesting read first thing in the morning.

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  1. Looks like a useful sight and good daily post: organized well enough to skim, short enough to read, long enough to provide a little detail. Price is right, too.

    As for the quality of the source...I figure it's good practice to look at a source that's good but not authoritative...and not one I pay for. Because then, I'm more likely to question what I read. And that's good critical thinking skills practice.

    This is just the kind of resource a Combat Polar Bear like Tony Poole would come up with.


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